Something is Always Blooming…

Every summer my family takes a trip down to spend a week in Florida, which has become a really special time and place for us as we make more and more memories there each year. In reflecting on the trip we just took, I wanted to share a lesson from my great-Grandma Sara that hasContinue reading “Something is Always Blooming…”

Attitude of Gratitude

After getting to spend a weekend hiking and immersed in nature, I am feeling refreshed. I adore all of the colors of fall and being outside, so a little camping trip was just what I needed. Ed and I spent yesterday getting everything in order at home after camping, so I woke up this morningContinue reading “Attitude of Gratitude”

A Friend in Jesus

Today, I am sad. I am sad because of a rekindled friendship that has once again been lost. I am sad that there is a lack of communication, unvoiced hurts. I am sad that I didn’t even get the chance to talk it out, but instead am cut out of your life, as thought IContinue reading “A Friend in Jesus”