Not DEATH, but LIFE…Think About Such Things!

I’ve been thinking a lot about death and life lately. With me starting to volunteer with hospice, death is now a bigger part of my life than it has been in the past. The first lady I worked with passed away and I have now been given a new person to help…How quickly things change!Continue reading “Not DEATH, but LIFE…Think About Such Things!”

The Mondayest of Mondays

I’ve been marinating on this post for a while now as the words have sat in my journal, but other things have been consuming my time. I woke up this morning, grumpy as could be on a Monday, so writing this post is a reminder and declaration over my own life as today feels likeContinue reading “The Mondayest of Mondays”

Goodbye, Egypt!!!

Oh man. I have just been completely wrecked this morning reading about the Israelites and specifically, about Moses. I wanted to share that with you. I pray you read it with an open heart, an open mind, and allow God to just move within your heart. I believe He has something for you today ifContinue reading “Goodbye, Egypt!!!”