Not DEATH, but LIFE…Think About Such Things!

I’ve been thinking a lot about death and life lately. With me starting to volunteer with hospice, death is now a bigger part of my life than it has been in the past. The first lady I worked with passed away and I have now been given a new person to help…How quickly things change!Continue reading “Not DEATH, but LIFE…Think About Such Things!”

Emphatic Prayer

I was going through our wedding photos this morning to finally have them printed and I was so moved by one of the photos. It’s not the first time I’d seen it, but it hit me differently as I noticed and was moved by the people in it and what they were doing… As EdContinue reading “Emphatic Prayer”

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

This week and today, in particular, I’ve felt a deep heaviness, sadness, and even a little anxious. I spent some time looking at news articles online in an attempt to understand WHAT in the world is going on right now in our country. Insurrection. Impeachment. Martial Law. After reading a few articles, I felt anxiety.Continue reading “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”