Watch Your Words

Our neighborhood has a Facebook group that is meant to be used to relay important communications. Unfortunately, it’s become more of a complaint board where people feel free to post any and all of their grumbles and gripes… I log onto the page occasionally just to see if there is anything I need to knowContinue reading “Watch Your Words”

The Forgiven, Forgive

As a teacher, something I really struggle with is identity. For me, a good day can quickly turn into a bad one with just one email from a parent with a concern. This has been a struggle I’ve had for a while now, and it is just so hard for me to overcome. I findContinue reading “The Forgiven, Forgive”

Salty Conversations

This post is going to be short & sweet (maybe a little salty too)…I know, it’s rare that I write short posts! I read Colossians 4:6 the other day and was puzzled as to why in the world my words should be salty. I’ve definitely heard of words being sweet like honey or sugar, butContinue reading “Salty Conversations”