Rooted in Christ: I Hope You Dance

Ed and I were blessed to have gotten to go on a little get away trip this weekend. The trip was originally planned for his birthday over a month ago, but the weather had different plans for us that weekend. We were very excited to finally go to this secluded cabin, as we were eagerContinue reading “Rooted in Christ: I Hope You Dance”

The Joy Set Before Us

So many people right now just want one thing: stability. This year has sincerely been unprecedented. I remember joking with a colleague about a month ago saying I felt like a ping pong ball on a rolly table that someone keeps jerking back and forth. Every time I seem to stabilize myself and get usedContinue reading “The Joy Set Before Us”

Salty Conversations

This post is going to be short & sweet (maybe a little salty too)…I know, it’s rare that I write short posts! I read Colossians 4:6 the other day and was puzzled as to why in the world my words should be salty. I’ve definitely heard of words being sweet like honey or sugar, butContinue reading “Salty Conversations”