A Call to Remember…

A word that has been heavy on my heart lately is “Remember”. It keeps popping up and it’s one that I can’t seem to shake. As I read, listen to podcasts, and go about my daily tasks, this word keeps coming up. In the Old Testament, God constantly told the Israelites to remember. To rememberContinue reading “A Call to Remember…”

The Great Cloud!

As we wrap up Christmas (pun intended) and look now towards New Years, I couldn’t help but be encouraged when reading Hebrews today. Many people are familiar with Hebrews 12:1-2, pictured below. I’ve always thought that the “great cloud of witnesses” was other people and believers in our lives, but this year I read HebrewsContinue reading “The Great Cloud!”

2020: Looking Back, Moving Forward!

Today is a very exciting day for me! It is currently 5:51am as I am writing this, and I am SO excited!! In just 16 days, I will complete my very first reading of the ENTIRE Bible! I have called myself a Christian for many years, but never read the entire Bible cover to cover…afterContinue reading “2020: Looking Back, Moving Forward!”

Little By Little

With Spring getting closer and closer, I’ve been thinking a lot about growth. Ed and I have had our home for a little over two years now and we walk often in our neighborhood. On one walk about a year ago, Ed noticed that the tree in our front yard had grown enough that theContinue reading “Little By Little”