Our Temporary Home

Today is a special day for Ed, Maverick and I as we are celebrating our 1-year house-a-versary!! Yes, I completely made that word up and my computer has put a little red squiggly under it, trying to tell me I’m wrong, but I am going with it!

Our home the day we bought it, no grass…just lots and lots of dirt…truly a cleaning nightmare!! Haha

As we’ve been coming up on this day, I’ve thought of what this house has meant to us in the last year, and I can’t help but feel so thankful! When I think of our house, the first things that come to mind are blankets, our fluffy dog (basically another blanket), coffee, ice cream, family and friends, lots of board games, and a sense of joy and warmth. Part of that is from the environment we’ve set up in our house, with endless blankets, the Keurig always flowing, and the doors always open for anyone who is willing to walk into our crazy, but another part of that is the people who grace the walls of our home with their presence.

Mostly, I am so thankful that our house is a place that I long for and always look forward to coming home to because I know that is something that not everyone has. I was reminded of Psalm 23, as I think it captures well what our home means to me…

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Our home is a place of rest. A place of renewal, where we can connect with God and be led by Him to refresh our souls, because life ain’t always easy. When we have hard days or go through those dark valleys, we can be at peace knowing He is with us. He wants to comfort us. He blesses us and is close beside us, protecting and comforting us all along the way…and our home is a place where all of those things can happen and where we can remind ourselves of those truths. What really got me as I sat here reading was the last verse of Psalm 23…

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While our house here on Earth is a blessing and a place of comfort and joy, we have an even better home waiting for us…Heaven. God has given us an even greater gift than our Earthly home, He has given us the gift of eternal life and security with Him in HEAVEN. The beauty of what Heaven will look like and be like is unfathomable to us, it is going to be even greater than we could ever imagine and far better than any home we will have here on Earth. So, while I am thankful for our Earthly home today, I am even more thankful for my Heavenly Father and that I will get to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. I will celebrate and be thankful for the blessing of a home, but I will be sure to remember that this is just our temporary home, and a small glimpse of what Heaven will be like. All the things of the Earth, including our homes, will not last… What joy awaits us when we get to the gates of Heaven and can run into the arms of our loving Father to spend eternity with Him! THAT is what will last.

My Mom and I have always been big fans of Carrie Underwood and I was reminded of her song as I wrote this. I posted it and some of the lyrics below…give it a listen if you have time and have your tissues ready…it is a real tear-jerker!!

This is my temporary home
It’s not where I belong
Windows in the rooms, that I’m passing through
This was just a stop
On the way to where I’m goin’

I’m not afraid because I know
This is my, temporary home

One thought on “Our Temporary Home

  1. Congratulations, what a year it has been in your home! It is cozy and quaint just as you described but some of my favorite things that I love and associate with your home begin with the 2 widows that live on each side that were invited for Easter when they may have spent it alone. I love that your Bibles and Bible study books are on the kitchen table right at the hub of your home for your daily encouragement and continued growing of your faith. I love that worship music is typically playing with your voice singing along all the time to set the stage for a peaceful setting. I love the people who have been invited and gathered in your home to share a meal, play games, watch a church service together, make crafts, camp in the backyard, gather by the fire pit, and grill out….your first Christmas there and so much more! The very best thing about your home is that it is used intentionally for fostering relationships and most importantly with the Lord. Can’t wait to see what the next year in the home will bring…prayerfully a couch that you can actually sit on:).

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