Attitude of Gratitude

After getting to spend a weekend hiking and immersed in nature, I am feeling refreshed. I adore all of the colors of fall and being outside, so a little camping trip was just what I needed. Ed and I spent yesterday getting everything in order at home after camping, so I woke up this morning feeling excited to tackle the day.

Since we went camping, I’ve been noticing the small things more. On a walk yesterday, I noticed the trees in our neighborhood are vibrant hues of red and yellow. That my mum outside is blooming. How Maverick cuddle up next to me this morning. How the smell of waffles in the morning is so yummy.

So I was inspired to continue this positive thought pattern and keep a list of hourly gratitudes today. Each hour today I will write down ONE thing I am thankful for, one thing that went well, or one thing I notice that hour…and I hope to involve my students too to encourage them to see the good in today…because honestly, who doesn’t need help with that on a Monday??

If you feel so inspired, I’d love for you to join me too and create your own hourly list of gratitudes…let’s propel ourselves into this week with positivity and thankfulness!

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4am: I am thankful I woke up 8 minutes before my alarm went off…waking up without an alarm is the best feeling!

5am: I am grateful Ed and I got to spend time together this morning reading our devotional and we had plenty of time to get it done without feeling rushed.

6am: I am glad I got to walk Maverick 2.3 miles this morning to get myself some physical activity and to get him so physical activity since Ed and I will be at work all day.

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