The Mondayest of Mondays

I’ve been marinating on this post for a while now as the words have sat in my journal, but other things have been consuming my time. I woke up this morning, grumpy as could be on a Monday, so writing this post is a reminder and declaration over my own life as today feels like the day I need to write this post as it’s the Mondayest of Mondays yet. I hope it encourages you and propels you into a peaceful Monday!

John 16:33 says that in this world, we WILL have trouble. While that guarantee can be discouraging, God promises us so many other things too that we often forget about or overlook when going through hard times because we let the troubles overtake us.

The Bible says that when troubles come, we can still have peace…God does not desire for us to feel anxious. He wants us to trust Him no matter what is happening around us. To pray. To see Him as our protector. He wants to give us peace! As we ask for His peace to fill us, we can move forward and stand firm even during trials and storms.

Bible Verses About Peace To Help During Uncertainty | Compassion UK

Satan, on the other hand, wants to take our peace because when we live our lives without peace, we instead live lives full of frustration, anger, bitterness, and envy…all of which flows out and destroys our relationships. Satan wants to control our hearts and our minds. our friendships, our careers, our marriages, and any other area in our life in which we can influence others to know and have an intimate relationship with God. His goal is for trials and troubles to overtake us so we feel so helpless that we give up!

We have to fight that, and one of the ways we can do that is by praying to God for peace and by asking Him to change our feelings to line up with what He desires for us. Our emotions can be so misleading if we use them to direct our actions throughout the day…especially if you’re feeling grumpy like I am. I know that I need to be stable internally, which can only happen when I pursue God. This will help me to be levelheaded and not swayed by the shifting circumstances around me, because as a teacher, I know that challenges WILL come my way today and I need to be prepared to respond and not react.

So, I am moving into today stabilizing my heart, my mind, and my emotions. I am asking God to fill me with the Holy Spirit and to help me to exude love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control today. I’m choosing to pray and be thankful for another day that I get to make an impact on my students. I will not let anxiety, selfishness, or frustration take a hold of my mind and direct me into a miserable day.

I am enough because I rely on God and HE is enough. He fills me with everything I need to accomplish the tasks He has set out before me today. Please be my guide today, Lord and fill me with your peace and the awareness of your presence in my life.

Peace in the Eye of the Storm - In the Middle of the Mess Video

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