Fighting Hurry, Staying Grounded

I’ve started a new thing now that I have a longer commute where I listen to one podcast each morning to help the time go by more quickly. Yesterday, I started a new podcast called “Fight Hustle, End Hurry”. It was so timely and convicting…if you have time you should 100% listen to it, especially if you struggle with busyness or hurry in your life like I do. There were so many things said in the podcast that resonated with me and made me think about the way I live my life, specifically this week as I have so much to do and such little time to do it with school starting Thursday and trying to get my classroom all set up.

Fight Hustle, End Hurry | Podcast on Spotify

They talked in the podcast about how Christians today desire to be like Jesus, but have no desire to live at the same pace that Jesus did. He lived a life that was full, but not too full… and I’d argue, full of the “right” things as He went about His day with purpose, but He also left room for what we would see as or call “interruptions” today. Our desire to get so much done, leaves no space for what GOD wants to do in our lives and what HE wants us to do because we’re so focused on what WE think we need to do. I grappled with this thought and asked God, “Why is it not good that I want things in my life to be orderly & taken care of?? Isn’t that what you desire as well?” I felt like in that moment He told me that all of those things ARE in fact good and the Lord does desire order for our lives and for us to steward what He gives us, but that what He truly desires is for us to be present. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being present…and often when I am striving to be “perfect” (which will never actually happen), I am not present.

My thoughts become unfocused as I am thinking in the back of my mind of all that I have left to get done for the day. That is not what God desires. PEOPLE should be my priority and “hurry” is the enemy of me being able to actually live that principle out in my life. So I went into school yesterday, ready to focus on people, building relationships, and getting done what I feasibly could, without letting that become my sole focus.

I did not get much done, but I DID have conversations and I did remind myself to keep focused on the actual goal, which is to love people. There were many times throughout the day I had to “catch my thoughts” so to speak, and re-align them to what God wanted me to think. BUT I do believe that this is the first step in making change in our lives, as we have to be aware of what we are thinking and able to stop before we can change our thoughts!

Fast-forward to this morning…I woke up this morning feeling hyper-focused and ready to speed through my morning routine to get to the building ASAP and get started. As I made my coffee I started reading my short devotional for the morning which is titled “My positive thoughts create my world.” I knew right upon reading the title that it was going to be exactly what I needed…and it sure was!

It talked about how we create our lives by the power of our thoughts. We can choose prosperity, peace, and wholeness, even when we experience things like discord, lack, and illness. The goal is not to dwell on those things, but instead, to turn our thoughts to to the truth and what God says. He says that peace is ours. That He will supply our needs. He will direct my steps and help me to accomplish what He wants me to get done today, in His power and that He will be with me at every step today.

So I thanked God and I scrapped my plan to workout and rush out of the house, and that is why I sit here now typing this with hopes that it will inspire someone else today to turn their thoughts to God and to what HE says about you and what HE desires for you to accomplish today.

I know that I am going to fight hurry today. I am going to consciously move at the pace of Jesus, accomplishing the things I need to, but knowing that God desires me to be present, not perfect…and that is what I will be as I keep God in my thoughts and His peace in my heart. I have the ability to stay focused, positive, and at peace no matter what I face today. God has equipped me and He wants to equip you too…I love the verse below because it paints the obtaining of peace as an active process in which we have to pursue peace. It will not just fall into your lap. Actively pursue peace today. Whatever is True, Noble, Right, Pure, Lovely, Admirable,  Excelent, Praiseworthy, Think About Such Things, Phillipians 4:8 Bible  Verse Wall Art, Scripture Poster Decor, Christian Quote Gift 11x14: Posters  & Prints
Psalm 34:14 — Verse of the Day for 10/13/2013

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