Snippets of Joy

This morning as I sat down to journal, I looked up and saw my calendar…and it made me smile. I know, sounds weird. One of my Christmas gifts this year was a calendar full of cute dog photos, each one themed to fit the month. This month’s smiling pup is laying in a bed of what look like marshmallow hearts…Who wouldn’t be smiling if they were laying in a bed of marshmallow hearts?? I sat there smiling to myself, feeling like a total weirdo for smiling at a calendar that’s been hanging on my wall for the past week, but for the first time, I was taking the time to actually look at it!

Then I started thinking, what else is around me that is a picture of joy that I’ve been missing?

I’ve had a lot going on lately…don’t we all? School is going back to in-person. I’m in a busy frenzy preparing my classroom and lesson plans. I run around my classroom all day printing papers, figuring out a new schedule, and what I want to teach my students, how I will teach them, when, where, why, how…the list keeps going. Teacher conferences are tonight. I have to eat before them, take Maverick out, then feed and walk him after. Then I can relax. I need a haircut…I have to schedule that! Ed and I close on our new house next week. There are so many things to get scheduled, packed, and planned before then. Did I call about the wifi? Water? Did I transfer services to our name for electricity?! I need to take Maverick to the vet to get his heartworm and tick medicine. I have to remember to order my mattress for my bed…otherwise, I’m sleeping on the floor.

How do we keep track of it all?! Phew, I am exhausted just reading that.

It’s easy for me to see now why that little dog with a smile on it’s face, brought one to mine, too. I’ve been walking around with my head down! God’s been giving me little moments of joy, that I can easily think of now, but that I missed in the moment because I was so busy thinking of what was next, instead of what God had for me NOW.

Don’t let the day go by and miss out on all the snippets of joy that God has set out for you. Take 30 seconds now to stop, look around, and find something that God’s placed in your life to bring you joy. A simple smile to your face, but truly a gift from God. Walk today with your head up and eyes OPEN! Joy is waiting.

Here are some of the “Snippets of Joy” God has placed in my life this week:

  • Maverick playing in the snow. He always comes inside with a white snout, and I love it. He hops from yard to yard, so eager to get back into the snow.
  • The orange sunset last night.
  • Hearing birds chirping and singing in the morning. It reminds me that Spring is so close!
  • Seeing Ed be prioritized and loved on by friends and family alike for his birthday. You could clearly tell that he felt very special, and that made my heart happy.
  • My classroom being so full of sunshine, that I can’t even see the projector screen! (Normally something I complain about…oops)

And just in case you’re having a hard time finding any, here is my calendar photo, to make you smile and bring you some joy today 🙂

4 thoughts on “Snippets of Joy

  1. Oh my goodness I needed this reminder! So many times I get bogged down with all the things I have to do and the negativity around me that I forget to see the joy God has put on this earth! Thank you for writing this today!!!!

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