The Joy Set Before Us

So many people right now just want one thing: stability. This year has sincerely been unprecedented. I remember joking with a colleague about a month ago saying I felt like a ping pong ball on a rolly table that someone keeps jerking back and forth. Every time I seem to stabilize myself and get used to being on one side of the “table”, someone jerks it in completely the opposite direction, and I’m left to re-adjust all over again. It’s exhausting & frustrating, constantly feeling out of control.

I know many people are feeling this way right now, just wishing things would go back to “normal”. I feel the same way, but was encouraged when I read this simple, but powerful sentence this morning: Our stability is in eternity.

The Bible specifically says that we WILL have troubles in this world. This life will not be easy or glamorous. The world is plagued with sin, sickness, disease, anger, envy, death, and many other sad things out of our control. There will be hard days, there will be devastating days. But ultimately, we are here for a short time, and we can live with ceaseless peace if we have accepted Christ into our heart and remember that one day we will be in Heaven where there is no sickness, disease, or death.

I constantly have to remind myself of the true reason I am here on this Earth: to be a light and help others come to know the same stability that I have, which is in HEAVEN! I love how Romans 12:12 puts it, “Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying!”

Romans 12:12 | Creative | Scripture Art | Free Church Resources from  Life.Church

We can rejoice, even when our circumstances don’t seem to call for rejoicing. Our purpose remains the same, no matter what is going on around us, and the fact that our eternity is secure in Heaven is what keeps up rejoicing and hopeful as the verse says, while we are still here on Earth. With our eyes and hearts set on Heaven, we live differently. If we truly believe that this life is temporary, that should change everything about how we live our lives here, whether our Earthly lives feel “stable” or not! So, I am walking into this day, rejoicing, praying, and giving thanks to God, for the peace and stability that He alone provides for us, no matter what’s going on around us. I will look forward to the day I get to see God face to face in Heaven, but in the meantime, I will live my life here on Earth as He has called me to do. Not focused on all of my Earthly troubles, but rather focused on spreading His name and the gospel! Amen!

Women in the Word: The Prayer Sandwich {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

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