In the Stillness…

Jesus came & prayed with me today.

I felt His presence next to me, sitting, reminding me to just sit with Him in the quiet. Relax. Enjoy His presence.

He kissed me on the forehead and walked away, promising that everything would be taken care of and that nothing would fall apart in the few moments I took to be still in His presence.

Feelings & emotions rose up, as I realized I was in the spot I always am.

Finally SITTING & asking for God to come be with me & help me. He was, and always is there. The one not fully present is me.

But God loves me & He knows me. He will always call me back to stillness with Him. He will always be there & I can always be there with Him too, IF I choose to quiet everything except His voice & presence.

I will lean into His peace. He has peace for me. I will pursue quiet places & times with Him. I will quiet the noise of the world around me to talk to & be with Him.

When I am unraveling, He is there already, with a comforting hand & smile, nestling me to come sit & lean into the quiet stillness He desires for me.

I need these times of quietness to blot out the things around me that all too often take away from my time I could spend with Him. And it’s in these times, when I actually quiet the world around me, that I hear most from God, not because He’s finally speaking, but because I am finally listening.

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